"The online exposure age calculator formerly known as the CRONUS-Earth online exposure age calculator:"

The same look, feel and performance you've come to rely on...with exciting new features and terrible documentation!

For calculating a Cl-36 exposure age when erosion rate is known independently.

Version 3 input form.

December 2019.

Written by Greg Balco, balcs@bgc.org

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This is the version 3 data entry form.

Information about the version 3 input format: Link

This is the first draft. Expect errors.

If you encounter an error or a failure, please email me the data that you entered and a description of the problem. Thanks.

Sample data entry:

Enter data block here.

These data are from a single landform. Attempt to detect outliers and calculate summary statistics.

Of course, if you enter data with multiple age populations, this option will likely give nonsensical results. In addition, it may fail completely with certain badly behaved data sets.